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Intelligence Services

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Joint Fusion Analysis Center (The Command-level SOC)

The EOR team has developed a next-generation Joint Fusion Analysis Center. Joint Fusion Analysis is the aggregation and analysis of diverse multi-source inputs allowing for timely and efficient root cause analysis and response to events that could threaten critical infrastructure systems. Strategic SA is only achievable through the creation and implementation of a command-level SOC. The SOC, or JFAC, is a national-level asset that draws on the resources of the entire nation and exercises control environment-wide. The SOC fuses the information collected across the environment and turns it into cyber-intelligence which in turn uses the cyber-intelligence in its’ day-to-day security operations.

The JFAC is the nerve center of the cyber-defense effort. The center will provide communications and intelligence to crisis managers, governments, and the public. In order to design such a system, proper care must be placed in designing operational hubs to which all critical information sources are fed and analyzed.

Joint Fusion Analysis Centers serve as a focal point for interagency and jurisdictional coordination. JFACs should be leveraged in any event which exceeds the scope of any particular agency or department. The JFAC will be armed ahead of time with extensive knowledge of existing resources and be able to handle the logistical coordination of these resources in a very efficient manner, regardless of the scenario.

JFACs should also strive to leverage unified communications systems increasing the JFACs effectiveness. Unified communications systems will be integrated to provide maximum communications capabilities in times where standard critical information infrastructure may not be available. Elements providing informational inputs should overlap as much as possible in order to provide redundancy in the event of the loss of key informational resources. JFAC operations should be highly automated, reducing the analyst collection workload during research and analysis to a minimum. They should also strive to provide excellent root cause analysis as it can become extremely difficult to determine the actual cause when too many reporting elements elicit alerts simultaneously.

The goal of the JFAC is to provide maximum SA and reaction capabilities to national or international emergency response. This goal is realized by leveraging new and unified technologies to provide simple, timely visual representations of complex data sets that assist in identifying anomalous patterns.

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